Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sculpey Clay

I did a post on this which was lost during the blogger outage so I am re-posting what I can remember of it

I sculpted this using Sculpey Clay. It is a clay that you can harden in your oven.
I used mostly my hands to form it and some parts I used tooth picks and nail manicure sticks.
When it was finished I used a white acrylic paint to protect it.

For my muse I used my youngest daughter. I am probably the reason why she can't sleep when people are staring at her and to make matters worse, I used to set all of her stuffed animals up so that their eyes were made to look straight at her. This helped me to get her up in the mornings for school. I would say, "All of your animals are looking at you waiting for you to get up."
It really got to her. Now instead of sleeping with 40 of them that end up staring at her there is only one.

Under baking, Sculpey clay will not harden and over baking it will make it discolor and turn brittle, maybe even cracking it, so pay attention to the thickness and time when baking.
I plan on mounting this on wood and making it a wall hanging. It isn't very practical, but these little things can help make a house a home when love is added into the mix.

Be cozy my friends!
Create that cozy!

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