Monday, July 18, 2011

Caron's Dazzleaire Yarn Review

Caron's Dazzleaire yarn is 60% Acrylic and 40% nylon. It is a 4 ply yarn that is machine washable using warm water and any detergent and machine dry. Needs no shaping.
This yarn is from the 1980s and had been discontinued. Recently Caron brought it back, however, the yarn I have is worsted weight and their new Dazzleaire is a bulky yarn. Some that remember this yarn seem a bit disappointed. I have not tried out the new bulky stuff yet so I have no opinion on that yet.

It is a lightly brushed yarn that makes your final piece feel softer, but those strands that fluff out can be a stress for a beginner especially if you are using smaller needles. It tends to bind the strands from the different rows together and makes it difficult to correct mistakes and/or pick up dropped stitches. This is something I try to test with all of the patterns and yarns I use.

I found this yarn at a thrift store and the colors they had looked like the perfect baby blanket for either a girl or a boy. Frosty Mint, Baby Yellow Green and White. I bought all 9 skeins.

I used the "Fans and Lace" pattern again as I really adore how it looks. But instead of using the size 7 circular needles I used the size 5 circular needles. It does make the blanket a little bit smaller but the end result is a blanket that is less likely to get snagged by little fingers and toes, and is a little bit warmer.

I alternated the yarns for a striped blanket and I really like how it turned out. I do have enough yarn left over to make a hat, booties and maybe a little sweater.

I am hoping to have 30 Grandbabies in total so now I only have 28 blankets left to make. So far I don't have any Grandchildren, but a mother can dream, right?
Right now my 3 daughters are shuttering.

It is a very soft blanket and has been very warm to work on some of the cooler summer nights we have had here. Right now the weather is hot and steamy so I am currently working on socks.
It is nice to have the smaller projects to work on in the summer that can be worn when it gets colder while working on the larger projects that keep me warm as I work.

 I am hoping to find local spinners to test their yarns and compare to the store yarns. I have just been too busy to look into it right now.

So when you are thinking about shopping for yarn, don't pass up the thrift stores! Many have a small selection of the older vintage yarns that were popular for a reason.
I still prefer Caron's Simply Soft yarn to this as it is softer and easier to work with.

Thank you for stopping by.
Dee Dee

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