Sunday, July 3, 2011

This May Be My Last Post

I want you all to know that I have enjoyed sharing a part of me with all of you.
I have been quite excited to see that I have had views from all over the world.
I have to be honest with you all. I violated the TOS with Google Adsense because I did not read the whole contract thoroughly (I have dyslexia and contracts are difficult for me). I had encouraged people to view the ads and that is a not allowed. I thought that some of the ads were really awesome and wanted to share that as well as make a few extra dollars to help fund my projects for future posts. At the rate I was going I wasn't even making minimum wage and I was putting many hours into my posts.
I am not sure if Google will decide to delete my blog altogether so I am considering alternatives if I am to keep going, and I am trying to figure out if it is even worth it.
I find it very unfair that they determined that I had invalid clicks after I had made over $100 to my account, which is the amount you get paid at. They should have stopped my account right away if they had problems instead of taking advantage of free advertising on my blog.
I guess that is how the big guys roll.
So the ads are now off of my blogs none of you will have to see any of the really stupid and non-related ads like that Obama one (which I have NEVER posted anything political here) and really just hated looking at his face or any other politician's face on my blog and I don't care which party it would be from. This was never about politics.
I am sorry the good and related ads won't be there either.
I will not appeal their judgement because I was in the wrong, and either way, I don't think they have actual people to review the cases anyways.
We all know that freedom of speech no longer exists anywhere in the world and the TOS is just another example of that. You can't say check out our sponsors like they used to do in the 60s & 70s on TV.
Because of this post my blog might just be gone tomorrow. Speaking out against the big guys will do that to you.
Just remember the light of the Firefly may go out for a few moments in time, but will come back, maybe in a different location, and if I move I hope to find you there 555.


  1. Set up a Pa Pal account and ask for donations. I have, but haven't got any as of yet.

  2. Sorry that Google banned you from adsense. They banned me too years ago. Apparently they don't like to pay because they have banned many people when their money gets close to the pay out point.

    I just stumbled on your blog and I love it. I will continue to read. I am a yarn lover too and make many items for home use and to keep my family warm and comfortable.

  3. Thank you so much Just Me. I am really happy that you appreciate the work that I have been putting into this blog and it is wonderful that you are helping to keep the art alive and well!

    Take care for now!
    Dee Dee