Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loops & Threads Dewdrops

Loops & Thread yarn is a Michael's in store brand. The Dewdrops yarn is a bulky yarn with sequins and when I first looked at it I was both intrigued and concerned. I was concerned over how the sequins would feel while working with this yarn and I can say that you do have to be a little careful as I have gotten one small paper-cut type of scratch from it. The pattern that I used was one of the free patterns that they provide. The color I used was Topaz which is a brown with garnet colored sequins.

I have heard that many stores are considering eliminating the free patterns which I believe would be a big mistake, because these free patterns sell yarn. I would not have bought this yarn if I had not seen the free pattern. Also the yarn was on clearance and I am on a very tight budget so that helped as well.

Dewdrops yarn is 51% Acrylic, 18% Mohair, 18% Polyamide, 8% Polyester and 5% Payette. The bulk of it is a soft, lightly brush yarn that is made up of what looks like a (stockinette) knitted chain of maybe 3 stitches of a thin yarn to produce a bulkier yarn with sequins scattered in the making. That is a lot of work to go into a skein of yarn. It was made in Turkey.

The pattern is for a wrap/shawl with a difficulty level of 2. It is very much a pattern that you need to pay close attention to and make sure that you end each row which the proper amount of stitches. I am not at an expert level of knitting yet and this pattern made me question my intermediate level that I thought I had reached if this is just a level 2. This would not be a good project to do if you have constant interruptions but one thing I found helpful was to clip a paper over the rows on the pattern that I had completed as I worked so that I did not lose my place.

This yarn does have a tendency to blend and stick with previous rows as you knit so backing up to fix an error can be a bit of a challenge.

The finished piece is warm and feels nice if you push the sequins to the right side so that they are not against your skin. It did take me longer to complete than the 8 hours they list on the pattern but I did have many distractions to deal with. In the picture you can not really see the sequins but in ordinary lighting they do sparkle well.

This would be a nice wrap for a sleeveless dress or shirt on cool nights out on the town.

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Dee Dee


  1. I purchased the same yarn in a different color, and the pattern on the band of mine was completely different. Do you have any idea where I could get the pattern? yours is much nicer--great work, too!

    1. The pattern I got was the kind that they have hanging by the yarn. Not all stores have free patterns available and some that do are cutting back on them or eliminating them. The last time I checked, they were out of this pattern. You can try calling Michael's at 1-800-MICHAELS and asking them if they could send you a copy. I passed the pattern on to someone else so I can't even tell you any more information on it.
      Thank you so much! And I wish you luck.