Friday, June 3, 2011

My Space Heater

A couple years ago I found this cast iron floor grate from an old house at a garage sale for $5 and I just couldn't pass it up.
I thought, "Now this would make a really cool table!"
It is very heavy so I needed a strong support for it. Well, it sat with many of my other projects waiting to be brought to life for quite some time.
Finally, I had a friend of mine, from Lineburg Manufacturing of Ham Lake, put a stand together for it. He did an amazing job! I plan on painting it this summer with a high heat paint.

Back to the heater.
My daughter had a science fair last fall and so I showed her some interesting things on alternative sources of heat and how to capture more of it.
I was directed by a friend to a site called where they have this brilliant candle heater!
Being that I live in a frozen forest half of the year I needed something a little bit bigger and warmer. So this is what I came up with. It is in no way suitable for a home with small unsupervised children or crazy animals.
The oil lamp here is usually in my wall mounted hanger and to get it closer to the pots I put it on a pet food bowl to raise it 3 inches.
This is not enough to heat a home on it's own but it adds a bit more warmth and some light. I would definitely use this if the power goes out in the winter.

My daughter did several timed tests with this and variations to it. Out of all of the trials we did this one produced the most heat and held it closer to the floor the longest. I may end up adding one more larger clay pot to it.

Thank you for stopping by.
Please practice caution with fire sources.
Dee Dee

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