Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pine Tea

There are many people that know so much more about foraging for wild foods then I do and I have so much respect for them. What I am bringing to you is just a small sampling of what I have learned as I have been trying to be as well rounded as possible.

This is a pine needle tea and it is the first time I have tried it.
I also made my 15 year old daughter and my husband try it.

I have heard that you can use any of the green needles year round, but then I have also heard that spring to earlier summer new buds are the best so that is what I have used.

I boiled a cup of water and put a small handful of buds into the water to steep for 5 minutes. Then strained it into my favorite holiday mug, because it smelled quite festive, an took a sip. I couldn't really taste the pine very much so I would say that this is something that you could add to other herbs such as mint or lemon balm and have a nice warming tea on a cold day.

Pine needles are said to be high in vitamin C so that is something that you should keep in mind if you are not near citrus trees.

It is important that you try new foods in small amounts so that if you react to it it will have a smaller impact on you and so that you can get used to it.

I really didn't mind the taste, my daughter said she didn't like it, but she is 15, and my husband said he couldn't really taste the pine. Like I said, if you add a few of your favorite herbs you really might enjoy this. Find your cozy.

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Dee Dee

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  1. That's cool! I have never tried it ... the idea of drinking it always made my face squish up. lol