Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boats Are More Than You Think

It is really nice to be able to get out on the lake and enjoy nice weather, do some fishing or just take in the air. I don't have a boat yet but I am considering getting one. Hopefully a sturdy row boat.
A row boat, though they can be quite heavy, can also provide shelter.
If placed upside down over a small dug out area that is wind protected by hills, supported with dirt or rocks, it can help protect you from wind and hail that other structures, like a tent, won't provide.
Use the anchor to help hold it down and also secure it at other points.

What got me thinking about this ( I know I can be a bit much, excuse me) was the possibility of a polar shift and the possible effects of the comet that we will be seeing from Sept. to Nov. this year. I have read some very alarming views on this, so in my head, instead of panicking, I look at how to solve the problem. Since not everyone can build an appropriate high tech shelter, this might be an option. The poor man's shelter. Besides, if it floods you can turn the boat over and row out of there.
 If you have a larger group you could opt for a pontoon as long as it has a metal floor, but the curved surface of a row boat is better.

Don't shelter near anything that can become a debris hazard like trees and loose rocks.

And if that mean old comet does cause problems, try to help others. We will all be in the same boat. And in the meantime, hiding under a secured boat during a storm can save you some welts. Just don't be touching the metal as I can tell you from first hand experience lightning does not feel good.

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