Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hamlet, A Very Easy Recipe

Out of longing for a different and easier kind of omelet, I let my dyslexic tendencies emerge one day and I put the egg in it's place!
My youngest was always asking for cheese omelets and I have been trying to get her to eat eggs prepared differently but to no avail, until I did this.

Heat a fry pan on medium heat and melt a small amount of butter in it.
Lay a slice of honey ham or brown sugar ham flat on the bottom of the pan.
While this is heating, check your egg to be sure it is good by filling a cup of cold water and putting the egg in it. If it floats, throw it out! If it sinks it is good.
Then crack the egg and put it right on top of the ham.
Use your spatula/turner to break through some of the egg WHITES leaving the yolk intact.
As the whites turn white sprinkle some Colby/Jack cheese on top.
When the cheese starts to melt fold the ham in half over the egg. You may need to use another turn to hold it folded for a moment and then move it to the side of the pan to help hold it shut.
Let it cook for a few minutes and push the cheese back inside as is oozes out.
Flip it to the other side and cook for a few more minutes.
Sometimes you will have the yolk break when you flip it and that really isn't a problem.
You need to experiment with your stove and times for how you like your egg cooked. I can't stand any of the whites to be runny but I do like the yolks on that side. It may take until the ham browns slightly before it is done.
The egg in these pictures ended up to be medium soft cooked.

I make this expecting my husband to have this for breakfast and he had earlier grabbed a couple slices of cold pizza so he wasn't hungry, so I ate it and it was everything I dreamed it would be.
For a little more taste bud pleasure you can drizzle a little bit of Hollandaise sauce on it.

And that my friends, is a Hamlet!

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