Friday, June 10, 2011

Bucket Mouse Trap - Free info

It would be one thing if mice only ate a little bit of food, but the fact is that they carry parasites and diseases that can harm people. The truth is I value my daughter's life over a mouse's life and anyone that thinks differently either has never had a child or shouldn't be a parent.
For those that think a cat or mouser dog is a more humane solution than a trap, you have obviously never seen a cat play with a mouse before it kills it.

The trap I came up with was an accidental finding. I have caught more mice this way than with snap traps.
I use a 2 to 5 gallon bucket and fill half full with water. Smear peanut butter an inch above the water line and pour some old honey in the water.
Place the bucket near a box of the same height to give the mice a way into the bucket. They fall in and drown. Rotate the location you place the bucket and alternate between the buckets and other traps. I have never caught a mouse with a sticky trap, plenty of bugs but no mice.

I discovered this way of trapping years ago by leaving a bucket next to my front steps half full of water with no bait and finding 2 mice in there the next day. I am pretty sure that other people had discovered this way before me and put it to use so I won't say this is my invention, I had just never heard of it before.

Living with mice in your house is not only far from cozy, it can be a hazard.
Please be careful with small children around these traps.

Thank you for dropping by.
Dee Dee


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