Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wool Socks Using "Patons" Yarn

I want to have at least 2 pairs of wool socks for every member of my family's emergency packs.
. I used "Patons" Classic Wool which is 100% pure new wool that is made in Canada and a set of size 4 double pointed needles.

 I started with my daughter's pair first. I proceeded to make a custom pair to fit her feet. I asked her how high up on her leg she want the cuff and then measured that. I also measured around her ankle and then it was time to work a gauge sample. I figured with her skinny little ankles that I could add a couple extra stitches for a little room for growth. I cast on 40 stitches for this sock and worked in ribbing pattern. I used the eye of partridge stitch for the heal flap. I brought the ribbing down throughout the gusset work to ensure a snug fit. Then I changed color for the rest of the foot and toe. I kept checking it to her as I was working to be sure I got the right size. I now have one done and I have most of the cuff done on the other. 

This wool is easy to work with and not as scratchy as the wool that I remembered from long ago. When I unraveled the gauge sample it came apart very easy and I did not lose any yarn in the process. The yarn I used for this pair of socks, I had received free and although I do feel a need to try out other yarns, I was compelled to buy more of this brand. I bought more of the denim color and added purple, black and camo for other pairs. I do recommend this yarn.
My daughter says the socks are a little loose but she likes them. Hopefully they will keep she feet warm and cozy when the weather turns cold.

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Dee Dee

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