Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Got a Great Deal on Yarn and Picked Up Free Patterns

We just had to go shopping this evening so I picked a location that had a Michael's craft store since their yarn selection is much better than what you would find at stores like Walmart now a days, and nearly equal, if not better,  to what stores like JoAnn Fabrics carries. It does depend on your location thought. Stores far from larger cities can really have some great selections. However, you will find many specialty yarn stores in the bigger cities that have a selection that is very impressive. The problem with many specialty stores is that the people that work there seem as if they are a above everyone that walks into the store.  They really don't seem geared toward customer service. And finally, their prices are MUCH higher to the point of questionable affordability.

As I entered Michael's the first thing I found was a clearance section. I spotted some brown yarn that was marked down from $5.99 per skein to $1.99 per skein. It had some sequins in it. I saw that there was 5 skeins but because I didn't really see a use for it I passed.
They also had some larger knitting needles (sizes 13 and 17) made of plastic that were marked down from $6.99 and $5.99 to $2.49 and $1.49 so I put those in my basket.

Then I went straight back to the yarn section looking for my wool yarn.
As I was back there I was grabbing all of the free patterns that they hang on the yarn racks. I found 14 free patterns that interested me. One of them was by some of the same yarn (different color though) that was in the clearance bin. Looking at the supplies needed made me think again about passing up that discount bin. The needles needed are US 17 and the amount of yarn needed is 5 skeins.
I grabbed the pattern and went back up front to get the yarn, hoping it would still be there, and yes ma'am it was! 

When I got to the register the yarn rang up at $.99 per skein, half of what I had expected and the needles were less as well. I saved $25 on the yarn alone!

Another wonderful thing about the free patterns at Michael's is that they are on a heavier paper than most free patterns, they give you a difficulty level and a completion time so you know about how long your project will take. There is no purchase required for the patterns, which is very generous of them, but after how much I spent there this evening I think they are doing just fine!

When I finish this project I will share the results with you.

I am planning on trying to find local people near me that have animals and spin their own fibers to see what their yarns are like to use, but that will have to be after I use up more of what I have.

Thank you for stopping by!
Dee Dee

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