Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some of What's In The Emergency Bag

My emergency pack is loaded with things to survive beyond the 3 day emergency kits that FEMA and other Government agencies recommend. What I have pictured here does not include my larger tools that I featured earlier.
Something unique that I have included in my pack is dishpans. Fully loaded they fit in 2 separate compartments, fairly easy to put in and zip up. There is room around the outsides of the dishpans for clothing.
All these items make a fairly heavy pack so some things will eventually be broken down into 3 packs for my family to share.
This list keeps getting longer as time goes by, as it should.
Some of these items I purchased over the years through Emergency Essentials, others from thrift stores and discount/drug stores. The Frontier Emergency Water Filter System, I won from "Survival Solutions" (Friend them on Facebook!).

Yes, this is a long list.

Emergency stove and 2 cans of Sterno/Cell heat
Mess kit = 2 sauce pans with lids, 1 fry pan, 2 cups (which have measuring lines).
Salt and pepper shaker, spice packets
Coffee samples courtesy of Taster's Choice
Cutting board
Water purifier and purification tables
Camp towel, hand towel, scrubber and one of my wash cloths
1 three day Emergency Food Ration Bar for each person
Oven Bags and ties.
Pre-moistened towelettes
Condiment packets and Bullion seasoning
Bar Soap and Camping Suds
Roll of Toilet Paper and wash wipes
Matches, all kinds of matches and a lighter
Stainless Steel Camp Cup
Sewing kit and Knitting needles
Tape measures
Laundry Soap sample
Hand lotions
Female pads - these should be included in all first aid kits as a way to help stop bleeding from a massive wound.
Bug nets
Bobby pins, hair binders, shower caps - to keep hair contained when cooking or dealing with a wound.
Black trash bags
Safety glasses
Fishing line and tackle
Bug lotion
Hand sanitizers
Mouth wash
Dental floss and filling kit
Q-tips and cotton balls
Elastic Bandage
American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook
Travel First Aid Kit
Wilderness Book

Emergency Space Blankets - I recommend having the thin ones and a few good real ones.

Bulb syringe
Burn gel
EMT shears
IOSAT tablets.
Honing Stone and Oil and a few knives
and new to the pack is some garden seeds.

This is not complete by any measure so I will add more as I go. If you do not have a pack, you should really think about putting one together. If we have tornadoes in the area I will bring my packs down to the basement with me. That way I don't have to go to a shelter and be a burden to others if I come out of it without a house. Also, try to keep important documents in a firesafe that you can bring with you.

I worked hard to get my pack put together and to log it all down here for you just to repack it. If you appreciate this please share with others and check out some of the ads.
I thank you so much for stopping by and remember, if you have to leave home try to make it feel like a camping trip! Be cozy around that campfire!
Dee Dee

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