Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lambs Quarters=Spinach with cooking suggestion.

If the thistles intimidated you, I have the perfect solution!
Lamb's Quarters.

These are quite common in my area and I really don't mind.
They are mostly green but can have a purple tint to them as well.
Pick the tender newer leaves and stay away from plants with damage to them.

I should have cautioned in my thistle post that when you forage for food you should know that food source and know that it is not in an area that has been chemically treated. Since this patch is in my own yard I know it is safe.

So now that you have gathered a big bucket full of these leaves, what to do...
Rinse them well in cold water. If you have a metal colander you can rinse them in there and then place the colander with your Lamb's Quarters over a pot of boiling water and let them steam until all the leaves are cooked tender. If you don't have a metal colander just steam them with what you can.

Put the hot cooked leaves in a serving bowl with softened Butter and Salt over top and the sprinkle some freshly grated Parmesan Cheese over it all and mix so the butter melts completely and the cheese melts slightly.

When I have made spinach this way, even die hard spinach haters took a new look at spinach. Lamb's Quarters are so very close in taste you may not notice a difference.
You can also use these leaves in a fresh salad. Throw in some violet flowers and your salad will really be something cozy.

Thank you for stopping by!
Dee Dee


  1. These things are EVERYWHERE, so this is such a great intro wild edible for people! Great posts, keep 'em coming!

  2. Thank you Chris! Please try it and let everyone know what you think!