Saturday, April 30, 2011

A New Find, Old Sewing Machine.

I love getting free things and this was one of them.
A New Home electric sewing machine! Model NHR.

I got it through the free group online. It came with a button hole attachment, a bunch of bobbins, a box of rotary attachments and the original instruction book.
The Lady I got it from was just so sweet. Thank you again Doris!

This machine is made out of metal and looks like it is good quality. But best of all, it works. I do have other machines, one which I use as a computer desk (shame on me) which I will have to get replace parts for and a new power cord for, and then 2 newer ones. One of the new ones needs to be repaired and the other is confusing with all the new technology. It may take me awhile to figure it out.
I wanted a machine that I could use sooner without having to take a class for it, and one that could deal with heavy fabric like denim and light leather. I hope this fits the bill.

I have sewing projects piled high and I can't wait to get started. Having more than one machine means that I can adjust them differently for using a variety of fabrics without having to change out needles and adjust tensions. Plus if there was a long term power outage I could easily rig the 2 older ones into treds (pedal powered)
I am looking forward to getting the next generation going on making their own clothing as well.

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