Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Disappointment .

I often times receive skeins of yarn from people that they just don't want anymore. This was one. I thought it was a full skein, but I was wrong. It came with a pattern to make a diagonal scarf so that was my goal. The pattern was easy and the yarn I would rank and "good" in ease to work with. Even though it is fairly thin, on a larger needle (size 11 US) it was nice to work with.

This yarn comes from France. The label says, artful yarns, Broadway. 59% acrylic, 28% mohair, 6% polyester, 4% metallic, 3% nylon. Color 05, lot 009.

I was a little skeptical starting this as the yarn did not look that great, but as I progressed I really started liking it more and more. I liked the way the diagonal lines began to form. Then I found I did not have enough yarn to complete the scarf.
I went online and located the store it was purchased at and today we drove 1 hour 10 minutes to get there. What I found was that not only did they no longer have this yarn in stock, but the company in France no longer makes it.

It was an expensive yarn at $11.50 per skein, which I was willing to buy one just to finish this scarf. Instead I found disappointment and a new thing to blog about soon.

I suppose what I can do is reduce the pattern and make a thinner scarf which would be more of a show piece than a functional scarf, however, now I have another easy pattern that I can use should I find a suitable yarn.

I really did not expect it to turn out this nice and when it did it made me wish I could have finished it. It was one of those patterns that I have questioned how it would look because there was no reference picture on the instructions. So the moral is, don't assume that you can't make it or it won't look very good just because you can't see it. Some of these patterns are great!

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Dee Dee

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