Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Little Yarn To Work With

I found cute patterns for making little snowflakes. I know that I am not being very "seasonal" here as the snow has finally just melted for me.

I picked up some Bedspread Weight Cotton Thread (size 10)
and a Steel crochet hook No. 8 (1.25 mm)

The patterns were fairly simple to follow and some were very fast to make. I discovered that my eyes are getting old and I need my reading glasses to work with such a small hook and thin thread. It was however another one of those projects that I would only do for my own home decorating or to give to family or friends as this is no get rich quick thing. The snowflakes are a good practice for beginners using this thread. Once you get used to working with it you can incorporate this work into other pieces like shirt lacing.

After I crocheted them, I put plastic wrap on a piece of cardboard. I mixed water and white glue (50-50) and poured into a zip top baggy. Then I put the flakes in the glue baggy and let them get soaked. I took the wet flakes out and secured them to the cardboard with pins in the shape I wanted. Then I sprinkled some clear glitter on top and lightly tapped it in. When they were dry I unpinned them. You can hang these with an 8 pound fishing line. It's one way to reuse your fishing line when you have to re-line your reel. Last year I caught a five pound bass! Monster of a fish for me since I was only fishing for perch! Okay, that got to be a bit off topic.

Coming soon, Working with Knots.

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Dee Dee

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