Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pics to Ponder - Chain Link

Be advised, not all materials shown are what is needed for this project, but alternatives are shown just for representative purposes.

I am posting these pictures as a favor to those that wanted to see what I was talking about.

It's a HANDy little thing that can connect to large chains together. You may need to get a larger size if your "chain" is too big to fit in this link.

You can replace the yarn with rubber tubing and the denim with leather to make a field tourniquet to help control bleeding. The link can be placed over a feminine pad over the wound and the tubing wraps around the body part involved.

The pouch is to put the stick through to tighten or loosen so the tubing does not get damaged.
Nod your head now because you understand!

Thank you for stopping by. It's been a treat. I really enjoy our little visits.
Dee Dee

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  1. Awesome idea. I'm going to add a couple of these to my first aid kit this week!