Saturday, July 2, 2011

Power Outage

Last night we had storms rumble across our area. The sky was tornado green all the way around us after the ominous shelf cloud blew over. The trees were twisting and straining as if they were trying to escape the torment. Then at around 6:15pm there was silence. It had been pretty quiet all day since it was too hot for the children to play outside, however, this silence was the kind that makes you check your cell phone to make sure it was only the power being knocked out by the storm and not something worse.

Shortly afterward we heard sirens, lots of sirens, but not the warning ones. Still not sure what happened as the news hasn't traveled this far yet.

Then we learned that a second stronger storm was heading our way so we grabbed the emergency packs and the pets and headed for the basement.
We lit a few candles and talked about some of the interesting people we have met, places we have been, music and fishing. We completely lost track of not only the storm, but time.

The phone rang. It was my brother calling to tell me that the storms had passed. I didn't even think the storms really hit here. I think it just parted and went around us like so many other storms have in the past. Many were not so fortunate. My daughter was one of them. But at least she was not harmed.

One odd thing, the darkness didn't really seem all that dark. The temperature had dropped from 97 F to 73 F in  less than 1 hour so we opened up the windows and let the fresh air pass through. There was a slight lake smell to it that really sparked the desire to go out and drop a line.

The power did not come back on until 9am this morning.
I really did not miss it. I was a little concerned that I would have to cook everything in the fridge today over the fire pit, or that we would have to make an ice run, but those are little things. Having the power out was like a vacation. If the outage would have lasted longer, then I would call it work.

Today is a beautiful day.
The air is so comfortable it is filling.
Thank you for stopping by.
Dee Dee

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