Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mystery Yarn and Rolling a Ball

Every now and then I get a free bag of yarn from someone that has partial skeins or rolled balls that are too small for big projects and they have no labels so there is no way to get more, and some of the skeins that do have labels are so very old that the yarn is no longer available.

This is a ball from one of those bags.
Let me start by saying, if you are going to roll your yarn into a ball this is not how it should be done. This yarn was rolled really tightly and what happens is that the yarn looses some of it's elasticity.
When rolling your yarn hold a few fingers under the strands as you are winding the yarn and when you turn the ball to roll in a different direction move your fingers so that you are always winding over your fingers. This gives the yarn space to relax and keep it's elasticity.

Since I am one that doesn't like to see things go to waste I will use this yarn anyways.
This yarn is soft and fine, I would guess a fingering weight which is perfect for baby socks. Baby socks take such a small amount of yarn as do baby mitts so that is what I am making with this.
I also have a few other mystery rolls so I will be using those up on similar projects.

Baby socks are great beginner socks to make and scrap rolls are sometimes the best yarn to use when learning how to knit socks. They are small and very portable and you can make a pair in a day or two.
I used a US size 1 set of 4 double pointed needles. Once you get accustomed to the small size the work is not so hard. Knitting two stitches together can be a little tricky but being able to complete something fast is good for your confidence.

When it takes a month or two or three to make a blanket or sweater you can start feeling like you will never finish it. Take a break and make some socks or mitts. If you don't have any babies in your family, wash them up when you are done and donate them to either hospitals or food shelves.

Or do as I am and make them for the Grandbabies you so look forward to but that your children continuously deny you.

Baby mitts are thumbless and are helpful to keep newborns from scratching themselves.
You can make them just like socks minus the heel.

I know I have been in sock mode here for awhile, but it is just a really good thing to be able to make and I like to do some finish-quick projects every now and then. I really encourage all of you to take the time to explore what you can do!

Thanks for stopping by.
Dee Dee

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