Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Different Way to Gluten-Free Pizza

I have done many variations on this recipe for years, but I had not done anything with it for quite a while. Usually using the smaller mushrooms. Then a friend steered me to this site http://corimalloy.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/portobello-mushroom-pizza/
and I just had to try it and post here to make sure that my Gluten-Free family will see it.
I made it minus the sausage as in the recipe and it was really good. My husband loved it.
This is the finished and plated version I made. 
I cooked the stems and other mushroom pieces in butter along side the rest and then used them to top and garnish.
This was before it went into the oven. I know it looks like quite the mess. I am sure most people watching their weight would be worried about all the butter. I prefer to use natural foods so I use butter and it sautes the mushroom scraps well.

The down side to using mushrooms as a pizza crust, or to hold any other filling, is the fact that mushrooms are very watery, even if you don't use water to clean them.  Washing a mushroom will make them miserable so try not to do it. Just brush them off.
Back to my point, I think this would work even better if you poked a few tiny holes in the outside of the mushroom cap just to pierce it and then placed it on a rack over a baking sheet so the excess water could drip out during baking.
You can also serve them like this without the garnish, I just really hate to let things go to waste.

This is so fast to make that from the start to when I finished eating them and posting this. It was under an hour.

Now I need to find a non-dairy recipe for the Lactose-Free people.

Thank you for stopping by and check out the other site for some more yummies!

Dee Dee


  1. Hey, for non-dairy they can just use soy cheese. I'm going to do what you suggest: poke holes and bake on a rack. Gosh, I can't wait. Gotta get my head out of my rear and go to the store!

  2. Just be careful not to poke too deep, you don't want the sauce to escape as well!

  3. I don't care for mushrooms at all, but maybe Shawn will like this.

    We have been making our crust from a mix by Bob's Red Mill that is delicious. I also found some rice-based mozz cheese alternative for me that is really really good.

  4. This sounds amazing! I want to try one!

  5. Qristie,

    do you like the rice-based cheese better than soy-based cheese?

    I would like to try that.

  6. Shawn,

    Please do try it! And let me know what you think!