Sunday, August 21, 2011

Planning Next Year's Garden -The Pond #1

I have been collecting things for a pond for a few years now.
I have been checking thrift and surplus stores, garage and estate sales, and that wonderful online group called Freecycle!

I started out with a 40 gallon water trough from a feed store. I knew it was not quite big enough for fish on it's own so I started looking for other options. I found a fountain pump. I forgot how many GPH this pump runs but it should have more than enough to handle this project.

I think I got this at a surplus store.

Then I came across this pond shell on Freecycle.

The white coloring is mineral deposits, the circle in the center is where I scrubbed some of the deposits off. It isn't really like a third depth.
 I have no idea how many gallons this holds so I will post the next to pictures to show the comparison between this and the 40 gallon tub. I am think the pond is close to 150 gallons.

As you can see the 40 gallon tub is not as deep as the center part of the pond.

Now that I am aware of aquaponics I am hoping that I can use these things to set up a system that looks more natural for an enchanting feel in my garden.
I am hoping that the pond is big enough to raise some yellow perch in.

I also picked up some bags of pea gravel and I have an assortment of things from tubes and hoses to some pond pots.

I have more boxes filled with things that I can use on this project but, I realize I have many things that I still need to get to complete the system. The first goal is to figure out the placement of the pond and how to make the whole system as natural looking as you can with a preformed pond shell. Then I would like to construct a geodesic dome to enclose the whole system so that I can have it going in the winter time. 

Be sure to watch for more garden and pond updates!
Thank you for stopping by!
Dee Dee

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