Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Have Long Socks

One article of clothing that has become a victim of the fashion industry is the sock.
Not many socks are made for comfort in the cold climates, that is unless they are handmade.
Why so many women willingly give up the comfort of warmth in the winter to freeze just to show a little leg, and for what? So others will think you are "attractive"?
I have news for some of you. 
I have ugly pairs of socks.

These ugly socks are 100% wool and very warm for the cold weather we will have here. These are ugly knee-highs and they are very much not in style. In fact I made them myself. They are so incredibly ugly that no one else would want to make them. People laugh at these ugly socks.

One day I was wearing a pair of my ugly socks and I had an unforgettable encounter with my husband.
He sees me at times in nylons and he thinks that is nice, but when he sees me in the ugly socks he always remembers that encounter with a smile. It is not the fashion of the sock, it is what you do in them. Anyone can stand there in fishnet stockings and look good. It takes something more to pull off the ugly socks.

Now with that knowledge, wouldn't you rather be warm and cozy when you are out in the snow? Think about that the next time you are freezing in your anklets walking to the shops. 
If you are lucky enough to have a pair of unwanted ugly socks, be sure that you wear them with sizzle, because you are going to be warm, maybe even hot!

Thank you for stopping by!
Dee Dee


  1. LOVE THEM! Ya know, I have a birthday coming up in November ;-)

  2. I am surprised! I am already getting orders on these! I will see what I can do Chris!