Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Challenge

I received this yarn from a friend. It is Kid Seta, made in Italy. 70% Super Kid Mohair 30% Seta/Silk. The price for this one skein is $12.25. I don't know when it was purchased so the price may be different now.

I am using size 4 double pointed needles and working in the round using a stockinette stitch to make a neck muffler. I would recommend that if you are not at least of intermediate level of knitting that you avoid this yarn until you have more experience. A dropped stitch with this yarn can be a nightmare to correct. It is a very fine and thin yarn and enough to drive a person to get their reading glasses. If you have to unravel what you have made that is a problem with this yarn. It seems that when you knit it together the fibers from the other rows grab on and don't want to let go.

The positive about this yarn is that it is so soft and you can feel the warmth that it holds when you are working with it. It is fairly strong for such a fine yarn and not as easy to break as it looks. When I am finished with this project and get it blocked, it should be a very luxurious item, perfect for a gentleman or even a lady. Nice job Italy.

I will post more on that when it is done.
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