Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hooks or Needles

I have been knitting and crocheting for a numbers of years. I have taught others, both right and left handed and of a wide age range.

It seems that making your own clothing is a lost art. Mainly because it is faster and cheaper to go to a big chain store and buy a 6 pack of socks made by a machine in another country than it is to knit them yourself. However, making them yourself will give you a good thick warm pair of socks that are often more comfortable than those thin things from the store.

My Grandmother used to tug at seams when deciding to buy clothing from a store. Checking to make sure it wouldn't fall apart at the seams. People don't do that anymore and I question where the concern over quality has gone.

I plan on testing many different yarns and will post results with pictures. If you have a suggestion on a type of yarn please feel free to comment.

Thank you for stopping by,
Dee Dee

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