Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fans and Lace Blankets

These blankets were straight knitted on circular needles. I found the pattern in a beginner's guide that I bought for that pattern.

The lavender blanket is a twin sized blanket that I made for my youngest daughter. The yarn I used was Caron's Simply Soft, and it really is! It was a delight to work with this yarn. I made two others, one white and one a dark blue, just like this one for my older daughters.

The white blanket is a crib sized baby blanket and was made with cheap yarn that I bought at a garage sale. The skeins had no labels so telling you that I was not very impressed with this yarn isn't going to help you much. I have not done the blocking or tucked in the tails on this one yet.

The light green blanket with variegated striping is also crib sized and was made with yarn that I bought at a thrift store. It is the first of that pattern I made and I will be saving this for my first grandchild. I took a close-up photo to show detail. This yarn had no labels on the skeins so I can not tell you what it was, but it is fairly soft and good quality and really deserving of note. I also use a smaller gauged needle for this blanket which made it a tighter stitch and more suitable for a baby blanket.

  • The next baby blanket like this that I make, I will be using Caron's Dazzle Aire yarn, bought from the local thrift store for 59 cents per skein. It may be awhile before I get working on that as I have many other projects I am currently working on.


  1. It's hard to use mine strictly as a cuddle blanket like you wanted... I like the thing too much. :/

  2. That's okay Qristie, just remember, every stitch in that blanket was stitched with a deep love meant to wrap you in warmth.