Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things From the Past Bring Comfort

  • I adore old things. Especially those that still function. I have several old oil lamps that I keep clean and use when we have power outages. Keeping them clean helps them burn fuel more efficiently and give more light. When it is cold they add warmth as well. I found the cast iron wall mount for this lamp at a garage sale for $5. The lamp was $10 at an antique store. I love how it looks with the old trivets and utensils hanging on my kitchen wall.

Moving into the bathroom I have a chamber oil lamp next to a basket which is holding some more of my work. The two wash clothes were knitted using Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn. It is a very easy to use yarn and has a nice feel to it. The pattern for this is one that I made up.
The bath puff is also made with this yarn, but this is a crocheted item. I found the pattern online, I believe, on WikiHow. These are time consuming and I would never make these to sell as it would not pay enough. They do make great gifts though. I have used the wash clothes to wash dishes and I really like them, the problem comes when someone else washes my dishes and uses them on the knives. My knives are very sharp and now my dish-wash clothes have holes.
I have found that the Peaches & Creme yarn that is dyed bleeds in hot water. I would avoid using the colored yarns for bath use.

Light the lamp, fill the tub and enjoy the comfort.
What more could you want?
Slippers and a soft bathrobe.

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