Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slippers, or more like Sweaters for Your Feet!

Years ago a dear lady taught me how to make these slippers and I have made over a hundred pairs over the years. These are a favorite of mine and my family are thrilled when they get these for Christmas. It takes about 8 hours to make the lady's size and 10 hours to make the men's. I plan on selling these but I haven't completely decided on a price yet.

All of the slippers shown in the pictures have not been sewn up yet. I use Red Heart Supersaver yarn on most of them. These are something I would like to find a better yarn for. But that would also mean that the price would be higher for the slippers as well. Even so these slippers are so cozy most people don't take them off even when they should!

Using the Red Heart yarn, the nice thing is that you can machine wash and dry them and they go back to their original fit.
If these were made with wool yarn they would most likely be too warm.

I would like to know how much you would pay for a pair of sweaters for your feet. Please leave a comment.

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