Monday, March 28, 2011

What Other's Call You

When I was young, the kids in school called me a weirdo. In 5th grade they started to call me an artist and would pay me their lunch money to do their artwork for social studies pictures of the American explorers. So at the age of 10 I was getting paid for my work.
I kept at it as it was very much a passion for me.
At the age of 16 I did a self portrait that astonished my most skeptical critic, my father. He was an incredible musician, able to play at least 40 instruments with such a passion words can not do justice. If I had been raised in a different home though, I might have gone to a fine arts college and went on to be world renowned, but as fate had it that was not the case.
I went on to pursue a clerical career. I kept up with the artwork on the side and people would always ask why I was doing clerical work. All I can say is that it paid the bills, it was steady income. Art doesn't always pay and I have to say that that is a loss to those that really appreciate art. Had it paid better I would have pursued it and given more to my creations. Instead I directed my attentions to that which would have more value later, which is growing my own food, foraging for food, survival skills, back to basics and alternative energy. As many artists before me I try to problem solve for the here and now and look to the future. I have a few things that I want to experiment with that I will be bringing to you within the next few months. I will still be knitting and crocheting and stuff and bring the results to you so bare with me. I am sorry for the glare on the pictures.
Thanks for follow my posts. Your comments are welcome.
Dee Dee

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